Pinhoe sits on the northern outskirts of Exeter in Devon. Once a small leafy village separated from the city by woodland and fields, local development has transformed our sense of place. Despite the challenges presented by such a dramatic increased in population, so many people moving to our village has revived the community spirit in Pinhoe.

During the covid pandemic, the people of Pinhoe pulled together and volunteers from across our extended boundary supported residents young and old, helping their neighbours and making new friendships. This sense of community spirit has inspired many friendships – and it’s growing. We are part of a new Greater Pinhoe, a place where people know and care about their neighbours, where our sense of place is important to us.

This project celebrates the many stories of Pinhoe. We are gathering photographs and maps old and new, campaigning to protect landmark trees and open green spaces, exploring forgotten pathways, documenting the visual history of the village and interviewing people who remember moments of history we don’t want to lose. Many residents cherish Pinhoe’s history and our community is a rich resource of local knowledge and personal memories.

We’re sharing local memories, old photographs and historical documents, to tell a story of Pinhoe you won’t find anywhere else. We’re influenced by the brilliant work of Common Ground and their local distinctiveness projects, and driven by our sense of place to celebrate our 21st century village.

Pinhoe Village is a not-for-profit community organisation, coordinating Pinhoe Community Support and the Pinhoe Citizens Panel. We are transitioning to a social enterprise with help and support from Exeter Connect at Exeter City Council