Looking towards the Scout Hut

Regarding the proposed development at Langaton Lane, the following points have been sent to East Devon District Council:

• This stretch of Langaton Lane is characterised by a beautiful Devon hedgerow; limited management over time has created a rich habitat for wildlife along its length. Indeed this whole area has particularly strong biodiversity, benefitting from its proximity to Pin Brook. With the substantial and compelling evidence of the importance of natural wildlife linescapes, greater care must be taken to maintain this hedgerow within its context. It is nationally recognised and widely evidenced that replacement hedgerows are of scant value to local wildlife. Greater attention to the impact on the area’s biodiversity should be prioritised with substantial protection of existing wildlife habitats given more importance than the “pleasant first impression” of the development.
• There is local history underpinning this area; Langaton Lane is particularly valued by the local community of Pinhoe. Not only is it our route to the local Scout Hut, but it also leads to the Pinhoe community field. Any increase in traffic along this route will require careful integration for the safety of all pedestrians and careful consideration regarding safe access for all our community.
• Pin Brook is a valued waterscape for the Pinhoe community. Has the Westcountry Rivers Trust been consulted regarding the impact of additional surface water? We offer to undertake this, and ask for greater consideration and a more integrated approach to this landscape and the impact of this proposed development, especially since it is not in accordance with the Development Plan for East Devon. This site should be considered in the greater context of development further along Langaton Lane – compounding the impact of traffic, drainage and biodiversity.
We are looking forward to working with EDDC and Clyst Great Trees as part of the proposed Routes for Roots project. With all the benefits to mental and physical well-being, these historic routes connecting Pinhoe to our neighbouring communities are essential wildlife linescapes and an important, deeply valued part of our community infrastructure. 

Further planning information here> EDDC