Saved by a Quiver!

Thanks to a feature in the Autumn edition of Pinhoe Press, we were delighted that Linda lent us an original school badge and tie from Pinhoe Middle School.

The badge shows an old monk riding a donkey, carrying a quiver of arrows. It was based on the folklore tale of local courage from when Pinhoe lay besieged by the Danes, in 1001AD. Facing certain defeat, desperate local defences were nearly out of arrows. Gathering withies on his trusty steed, the brave priest delivered fresh resources of arrow-making reeds, ensuring victory for Pinhoe’s protectors!

Many thanks to Linda and all the other offers we received. We are using all these artefacts to create our archive for Pinhoe.

Archive Resource

Thank you to everyone who has lent their precious photographs, books, maps and other documents. They will be carefully looked after and archived where possible; all content will be fully attributed.

PINHOE OF YESTERYEAR by Chips Barber remains an authoritative entry point for anyone interested in the history of Pinhoe – packed full with old photographs, in two volumes.

PINHOE: AS USED TO WAS by Denys Deere-Jones is a lovely book of “reminiscences, personal recollections and youthful impressions”.

PINHOE by Kathleen M. Woodley offers a view of the history and plenty of stories of Pinhoe, based on the central role of the church in village life.