Flooding across Pinhoe / Christmas Day ’21

Water running down Church Hill and flooding Harrington Lane on Christmas Day, 2021 / photo by Jenny Beesley

On the other side of Higher Field, water streamed down into Westclyst developments: “Our garden flooded and nearly flooded our garage, we had to dig it out on Christmas Day. We are Hillside Gardens. We have the new Redrow builds just above us too and I guess it all runs down the same way, so with all the new builds combined it’s just a nightmare!”

Meanwhile water flooded further down Church Hill onto the double roundabouts, overwhelming and breaking up the drain by Pinhoe Garage and streaming down Station Road. Gullies flooded by Pinhoe Library, blocking the path to Mayfield Road at the bottom of Library Fields. Thanks to Gemma Rolstone for the photos below >

Causey Lane was “like a river” (as so often happens in heavy rain) but look at Pinn Brook >

Monkerton: flooding along Jordan Drive / photo by Peter Browning

Blockages downstream >

Flooding resulting from the Linden blockage, reported to the Environment Agency / photo by Jason Wagstaffe

Many thanks to everyone who posted photos on the Pinhoe Village Facebook page. Documentary evidence helps to build a picture for broader discussions across agencies and planning authorities.