Tithebarn development: trees update

With trees disappearing across Monkerton, we noted with some alarm the precarious position of major mature trees in the Linden Homes’ Tithebarn development.

UPDATE FROM EXETER CITY COUNCIL: “Mark Waddams has been out to visit the Tithebarn (Linden Homes) site and is satisfied that the tree protection is up to standard (BS5837) and that the retained trees are not under threat. ECC are currently updating the Tree and Woodland Strategy and are hoping to have it ready early this year.”


Meanwhile, we are pleased to be supporting a project to plant 800 trees on the Monkerton ridge, proposed by Exeter’s Tree Manager, Joe Morshead. It’s positive news and we hope the funding is successful. These trees will take decades to establish and our existing mature trees remain very precious indeed.

Here’s a link to an easy form by Friends of the Earth encouraging everyone to contact their local councillors to DOUBLE the tree cover: https://act.friendsoftheearth.uk/target/call-your-councillors-double-tree-cover

It’s hard to believe these grand old oaks are under such pressure – they are well known as major contributors to biodiversity and shelter a huge variety of birds and insects.

As our local resident notes, the loss of wildlife habitats across this site is devastating, opening the whole estate to the railway. Once these old hedgerows are gone, any replanting will take 30 years to recover what has been lost.

We will keep highlighting problems to local councillors and Exeter City Council, so please continue to send your pictures: mail@portfoliofive.co.uk

Thank you to everyone sending information

Sunshine at last

A beautiful morning in Pinhoe and I’ve been taking some photos for our 2020 calendar – let me know if you have any you’d like to bring to our meeting on Friday, when we’ll be making final decisions for each month’s view.

Pinhoe Library and the stunning old oak sheltering butterflies, sparrows and wrens this morning

Lovely to see everyone at the Clyst Caring Coffee Morning, and special thanks to Jean for the Middle School programme from their Opening Ceremony in 1975. All the original documents donated to our project will be saved for the Pinhoe Village archive and they have such value – here’s a pic, including the reverse with some key dates and the original badge, the history and their forward view – just wait until you see the school pics we have for the 2020 Pinhoe calendar!

Memorial Plaque in Clyst Honiton Church

by local historian CHRIS WISEMAN

Just about two years ago I visited Clyst Honiton church as part of my history research into war graves and memorials in the surrounding area. I was shocked to see that the closest church to Exeter Airport had no memorial in honour of all those who served at the former Fighter Station known as RAF Exeter between 1940-1945. In fact, there was no reference to the Second World War whatsoever.

I didn’t rest easy with this knowledge and took it upon myself to approach the Parish Council. I applied to the Exeter Diocese to have a memorial plaque inside the church and started the process of application. Finally after a lot of patience and hard work, I’m happy and proud to say that a small wooden memorial plaque was fitted to the North Eastern wall of the church just in time for the Remembrance Service in 2019.

With no funding for this project to-date, my own money was used to pay for the application and the plaque. A small price to pay in comparison to the many service men and women who served at Exeter’s RAF Fighter Station. Lest We Forget

Treasure Trove!

Special thanks to Margaret and Dave Mogford, who came to our evening meeting in October with the most amazing collection of photographs of Old Pinhoe.

We’re planning to re-stage their amazing exhibition as a special Christmas treat for Pinhoe, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Pinhoe’s Favourite Trees

Nominate your favourite tree by sending an email to mail@portfoliofive.co.uk or writing your contact details in the PINHOE VILLAGE book in Alicia’s

  • Sheena Dick : Bishop’s Palace Horse Chestnut, Langaton Lane

Nominated by Sheena Dick, this beautiful young horse chestnut tree was grown from a conker found in the Bishop’s Palace, by local resident and Exeter city red-coat guide Ken Rodley. Sheena remembers Ken as a fascinating man and interesting speaker who was passionate about the city of Exeter. Ken planted the tree in the hedgerow alongside a beautiful beech – you can just see its autumn colours.

Pinhoe resident: Sheena Dick, Langaton Lane hedgerow (November 2019)
  • Cllr Duncan Wood: Station Road Oak
November 2019

If you walk through Station Road Playing Field towards the junction with Cumberland Way, you’ll find this magnificent oak tree stretching its boughs over the nearby bus stop and Pin Brook. Nominated by Councillor Duncan Wood.